Monday, June 15, 2015

Exporting Specialty Food All-Day Boot Camp

If you need the shortest distance between now and export orders for your specialty food or beverage item, then UCBerkeley Extension has a one day boot camp to get you selling soonest.

You will learn how to find customers for any food or beverage anywhere in the world in
this one day intensive seminar. Whether you are working as a food producer, or as an
agent representative, find out how to make an export sale no more difficult and just as
profitable as a domestic sale.

Food is USA’s #1 export growth market, and the studies show start-ups gain the lion’s
share, if they follow rules we lay out in this class.

In this class you’ll learn the tool, tactics and attitude to directly get orders, and if
not, get information you can act on so you do. You develop trade data intelligence
which only you will have. We go straight at the customer.

You learn to become expert in the international trade of your product, without having to
become expert in international trade. Product selection, compliance, logistics,
finance, and even web presence is covered in this one day seminar highly rated for
content, pace and humor. You will build this at your own pace, to whatever level you
want, and certainly working out of your home to start.

This course carries CEUs and is eligible as an elective in the UCBerkeley Extension
Entrepreneurship certificate. Contact the program office at 510-642-4231 or for more information.

While worth doing on your own and eligible for tax deduction (consult IRS rules) talk to your boss about employee education benefit to fly in for this all day Saturday seminar.  With the hands-on direct action process, you'll make news, enhance your image and grow your business.

Once finished, you'll join a cohort moving toward a collective trade show booth overseas when your sales warrant it.  Join us!

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