Wednesday, July 1, 2015

ExImBank Shutdown?!

It ain't gonna happen.  Even though the reason for the ExImBank is over (to prop us the Soviet Union) there is no chance the welfare rationale is over.
The Export-Import Bank dies tonight when its charter expires. After 81 years, what is commonly known as Boeing’s Bank is headed toward Washington’s trash bin.
Boeing, GE, and other existential-grade welfare queens cannot be denied their life-support AND have USA continue. This is pure political theatre, wherein the wascally wepublicans are just holding out for more kickbacks.  Did the US govt shut down in govt shutdowns?  Of course not.

Expect a anew and approved ExImBank (more money, more secrecy) to be announced as the Republicans fund it and call it a victory.

The ExImBank will not end until USA ends.  Because the ExImBank will not end, USA will end.

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