Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hedge Your Bets?

If nothing else, one ought to hedge one's 401K by shorting whatever you are holding.  Say you have 100 shares of apple, the short 100 shares of Apple.  The net effect is you neither win nor lose.  But trouble ahead...

So let the price discovery begin. In the days ahead, we will catalogue the desperate efforts of the regime to reassert its authority and control and to stabilize the suddenly turbulent casino.
In riding the central bank bubbles to unconscionable riches the big axes in the casino have falsely claimed to be doing “gods work”.
As they are now being forced to liquidate these inflated assets, they actually are.
Last fall one of the most detestable members of the regime, Jean-Claude Juncker, arrogantly issued the following boast.
I say to all those who bet against Greece and against Europe: You lost and Greece won. You lost and Europe won.”This morning that smug proclamation is in complete tatters. Good on you, Alexis Tsipras.

Also, all that talk of market interest rate, well, zero is the right interest rate, the rate at which businesses lend.

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