Sunday, August 23, 2015

Checklist for Business Start-up

By definition, the USA is a political entity in which the state and business is one, the word is fascism, after the Roman symbol of the fasces, a bundle of sticks around an ax.  This symbol graces both sides of the deis in Congress and is prominent as the president offers the State of the Union Address.

In spite of the fascism, there are rogue self-dealers, working within the system to advance their own entrepreneurial thing, making things happen without congressional oversight.
Earlier this year, FDIC chairman Martin Gruenberg told Congress that Choke Point was over, but many business owners believe the FDIC and DOJ has passed enforcement duties along to a newly created independent agency: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the brainchild of progressive senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). The CFPB operates under the guidance of the Federal Reserve and doesn't rely on Congress for funding, which critics say allow it to operate without any meaningful checks on its power. 
Banking in USA is no more banking than medicine is medicine.  Both are redefined by government into something meaningless.  And like medicine, starting up your own business, you must come up with alternatives to what government sanction offers.

So on your business checklist, is "start a bank."  Of course, first you have to define what is money, what is credit, and then what benefits the bank should bestow.  You'd have to shed all received learning about the work bank, start over with a definition from about 100 AD (or 700 AD for an Islamic definition) and then start up.  You'd be so far from what banking is, I doubt any regulators would be able to discern a mission.

The Swiss came up with the WIR.  That is along the lines of what I mean.

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