Thursday, September 10, 2015

TPP. TISA and other World Trade Deals

They are supposed to be "free trade" agreements, and uruguay has responded properly: pulling out.
Clearly, the withdrawal of Uruguay will have almost no effect whatsoever on TISA itself: the major trading nations will continue their talks behind closed doors, agreeing more of the text that locks in their view of how trade in services should be freed from government controls. But Uruguay's move possesses a tremendous symbolic importance. It says that, yes, it is possible to withdraw from global negotiations, and that the apparently irreversible trade deal ratchet can actually be turned back. It sets an important precedent that other nations with growing doubts about TISA -- or perhaps TPP -- can look to and maybe even follow.
Free trade is unilateral.  Just establish you have no rules or regulations, then grow rich as a country.

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