Thursday, September 10, 2015

Uncle Sam Hoarding Cash... Should You?

Now, even as they test out outlawing cash (gee... how come?) uncle sam is finding it prudent to.... hoard cash....
WASHINGTON, May 4 (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury scrapped plans to pay down debt between April and June because it now considers it prudent for the government to hold a bigger cash buffer, an official at the department said on Monday.
The official, who spoke to journalists in a briefing but was not authorized to be identified, said the policy decision followed the advice of an advisory committee that recommended keeping more cash on hand to weather unforeseen disruptions.
Folks, what if you read reliable reports that all the smart, connected people and the critical government agencies were buying boats and stocking them with canned food?

Would  you wonder/  Would you think it through?  Would you think... hmmm... not sure why, but maybe I better do that too?

But wait, they at the same time are outlawing you to buy a boat and stock it...

Then what?

You can fight them, or not.  You can simply move to higher land, much higher land, and contiue your work, or start new work needed in the empty higher land...

These guys expect le deluge...  be elsewhere, producing independlenty.

Start your own new business... best prep and defensive move possible.  You’ll work in credit, not money...

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