Monday, January 11, 2016

Catalan Independence

It is distressing to see independence movements go forward only to hear of their aspirations:
Mr Puigdemont will have an explicit mandate to lead Catalonia towards secession from Spain over the next 18 months. His government is tasked with in effect setting up a state within the state, by creating a separate Catalan central bank, tax authority, social security system and possibly even the nucleus of an independent military.
Wait!  Those are precisely the elements of oppression!  Better to be oppressed from down the street rather than 300 miles away?  How is that an improvement?  Scotland's independence movement was/is as bad.  Sigh.

Sure, as a secession strategy trade obligations for assets, ie, Madrid no longer owes pensions but gives up its ownership of schools, post service, military etc assets.  But freedom is from central bank, social security and military as well as freedom to trade, provide, defend, bank, etc.

I know, a secession movement that promised no hegemon, and promised no benefits such as defense, social security and taxes, would never get voted in.  Who wants freedom?  We only want free of charge.

Probably instead of independence, a step forward would be restoration, of a King.  Kings are far less damaging, for limited ability to do harm, than democracies.

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Anonymous said...

This video on Libya blew my mind:

This video has to do with wealth being viewed as accessibility to a greater number of goods for all people in a society (common public weal), rather than wealth and power being concentrated in the hands of a few elites. Surprisingly, Libyan leader Gadafi may actually have been facilitating this weal in his own country. Western elites may have been demonizing him so his ideas wouldn't spread.

(sorry this is off-topic for this post, but this video was interesting if true).

Libya & Gaddafi - The Truth you are not supposed to know

What the West has done through NATO is beyond tragic, and all the people who have bought the latest round of lies and manipulation will look to Libya as they now look to Iraq, and they will see another disaster that most can never imagine.

Anonymous said...

As the State Department and Pentagon have stated (see the declassified record), oil is a lever on the world economy, necessary to force the recalcitrant to kneel before Zod.

The US started importing Middle East oil only very recently. But the US presence in the Middle East started long before then. So the US presence has nothing to do with safeguarding access to energy, just as the State Department and Pentagon explain. Access is not the issue. Control is the issue. Even if the US found an oil field ten times the size of Saudi Arabia in Texas, the US would not exit the Middle East or cease its support of the Gulf dictatorships. These dictatorships control the energy that fuels the economies of China, Japan and Europe.

The US needs client states: democracies don't jump to attention but dictatorships do, especially those whose existence depend on US power. So arm the despots of the Middle East to the teeth and create a miserable existence for the people from which there is no relief.

The superior liberals ignore their own countries role and conveniently blab about anything else. Since race is now out of the question, superioristas point their fingers at religion or culture. The superioristas then bemoan the hell hole that now conveniently forces their Holy State to wage a necessary war that by sheer coincidence ensures the status quo. The superioristas can praise themselves and their Holy State on the alleged liberal humanitarianism and the dazzling enlightenment reached. All great empires have their propagandists, and they all play the same self-serving record...