Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rentiers on Edge! Soros Counsels...

There is a jittery feeling out there, and George Soros, prince of rentiers, issues cautions:
China’s Communist Party has pledged to increase the yuan’s convertibility by 2020 and to gradually dismantle capital controls. Weakness in the world’s second-largest economy remains even after the People’s Bank of China has cut interest rates to record lows and authorities pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy. Data this week reinforced a sluggish manufacturing sector.
The big worry is there is no where to hide, if your orientation is wealth as accumulation. In the last 40 years, that orientation has become increasingly acute. As to that orientation, now there is only positioning yourself to be in the best position when the SHTF, in other words, when the fighting over productive assets start, where will you be?  Holed up with guns and ammo?  Short the financials? Gold in a safety deposit box? There are no good ideas.

Except one, if your definition of wealth is orthodox etymologically: wealth as in commonweal, as I have noted here 100 times.

In that case, you'll focus on becoming part of the solution, and start your own company, too small to be mulcted, big enough to support your family and lifestyle.

What is your passion (makes you suffer?) but when working on the solution you find joy?  That's you calling...  do that, and the money will follow.

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