Tuesday, February 2, 2016

GM Mosquitoes?

So the original idea was to end malaria by curing the mosquities, the tiny victims of malaria, which pass it on to humans.  Somehow that morphed into GM mosquitoes as a strategy.
The Aedes aegypti mosquito sub-species that carries both the Zika virus and dengue was the type targeted with genetically modified mosquitoes.
The aim was to release only male Aedes mosquitoes into the wild and they would in turn produce offspring with their virus carrying female counterparts.
This offspring would then die off before breeding age due to the GM coding in their genes.
So Zika harms babies that moms are carrying.  The GM mosquito is designed to harm mosquitoes before they reproduce.  Now that is an odd coincidence.

Do we know enough about GM entomology to deny a link?

People's genetic code changes all life long.  Do we know all the facrtors precipitating change?

How do we get bad ideas to the forefront?  Well, one is bad ideas have less success and cost more than good idea, meaning endless work with no responsibility.  Mal-credit finances this.

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Anonymous said...

"How do we get bad ideas to the forefront?"

If somebody or group in power benefits from the idea in any way, bad ideas can persist.

People tend to like things (laws (patents), policies, regulations) that they benefit from, eventhough they are bad on the whole.