Monday, February 1, 2016

This Is Not America

I refuse the cancer-tron scan and so about half my trips involve and unwarranted search, contrary to law, in fact tyranny, but what are you going to do?  (About half the time my tickets are marked "TSA Precheck" meaning sometimes I am not considered a risk, and other times I am?  Or is the whole thing just theatre?)

An informal and unscientific survey suggests the TSA have been told to strike us in the groin during the "pat down search" to dissuade us when we are searched.  New rules are coming out that may eliminate the refusal option, if so, not sure what I will do.

Anyway, every time these "good Germans" give me a going over a song comes into my head...

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Anonymous said...

Why can't the TSA do what the Israelis do for their airline and airport security? I've heard that it's pretty effective, and one of the best in the world. Is it too impractical on a larger scale? Is it because of the taboo on racial profiling?

Anonymous said...

I consider myself a law abiding citizen that respects authority however a TSA
agent at LAX last year patted me down despite going through the full-body scanner even after presenting my Global Entry card (TSA precheck included) + USA passport. The TSA agent, a middle aged man of Asian descent, touched my groin area twice before I told him that I wasn't responsible if my knee hit his chin if he did it a third time.