Monday, March 28, 2016

Airport Security

Here a fellow complains the latest crime in Belgian may lead to moving airport security from terminal to curb.
As, if by moving the fences, they can’t get us. The only thing moving security curbside would actually do, of course, is shift the perimeter — and the busy choke point of passengers — to a new location. This meansnothing to an attacker, whose so-called “soft target” has simply been relocated from one spot to another, no less convenient one. But it would mean immense amounts of a hassle for everybody else.
Apparently he has not been through Narita, where security begins where your airport approach initiates.  Taking a cab?  That cab is secure.  Bus?  You'll be searched before you get on teh bus.  Train?  Foggedabout it.  Narita is max security lockdown without the crowds.  So there is a working, crowd-free system, way behind the curbside line, in place right now.

Now, I cannot criticize the Japanese, for I am an American.  I do recognize that ever since Mishima revived extremism in Japan, there has been some crazy events in Japan.  Japan is for the Japanese.

And USA is for everyone else.

Here, the airline industry has never turned a profit since the Wright brothers launched their bicycle at Kitty Hawk.  Sure, hyper-subsidized Alaska Airline has admirable profits on paper, but if you actually allocated the expenses of airlines to the tickets sold, they would all be bankrupt.  A classic example of privatizing profits and socializing costs.

Now as to those costs, they are well and truly padded by all concerned since the taxpayer is picking up the tab on a rolling eternal bailout anyway.  Like the Big Pharm, who knows what the real costs are, we can only account for what rack up in debts based on credit extended.

More worthy of USA would be to tell the airlines they must defend their craft themselves, and by the way, your tickets must cover all costs of runways, air traffic control,  what planes actually cost (again, who knows until the subsidies stop!)  Uncle Sam no longer has any interest or opinion as to what people make in the way of contracts.  And Uncle Sam certainly no longer enforces any contracts.

We need strict separation of transportation and State.  Then we can be safe.

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