Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

So as I understand it, yesterday was rough for Satan.  He had his minions, the hegemons, murder the messiah, and he thought he'd knocked down yet another do-gooder.  But the shocker was when he went back to hell, this Messiah was there preaching to the dead!  This was different.

Next this Messiah gets up out of his grave and begins preaching to the living.

Talk about Deus ex Machina!

No matter how wicked it is revealed to be, doing violence just makes it worse.  We are to refrain, and await the Deus ex machina.

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Anonymous said...

What a way to start a revolution. The hegemons were beat at their own game, checkmate. The completion of the Messianic revolution will happen when Messiah returns to lock up the hegemons along with their minions and to establish justice. It is a foregone conclusion. Happy Easter!