Tuesday, March 22, 2016

If Not Stopped, Trump Might Be An Improvemnet

One reason Trump is winning is in his work he has faced the unending whimsy of the unelected regulators.  He knows what the rest of us are up against on a daily basis.  Trump is the ultimate "none of the above" and if not stopped, may represent some improvement.

One associate sent me this list of stories straight from the third world division of USA government enforcement:

Sell a cookie, go to jail

You need your competitor's permission to do business

Archdiocese of Newark can't sell headstones

IRS steals $29,000 from dairy farmer

IRS agents rob convenience store

Tour Guide needs license

New cab companies need not apply

Florida governments don't want street vendors

IRS steals over $100,000 from convenience store

Dept of Ag redefines "skim milk"

Equine masseuse needs vet's license?!?

Dept of Business Affairs doesn't like business

Illegal to advertise raw milk

Hair braider arrested in Texas

Feds steal grocery store's bank account

Business signage not cool

Texas says no to internet vet

Government tries to steal old folks' motel

Licensing tax preparers


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