Monday, March 21, 2016

Russia Continues to Benefit from Anti-Russian Sanctions

When apparently Ukrainians shot down a Malaysian Airliner, the USA gained backing for sanctions on Russia.  Those sanctions just keep helping Russia:

Overall, Russia's transit through the Baltic State seaports contracted by some 15%-20%. This was down to the government policy of prioritising cargo flows through the national seaports around St Petersburg. This policy was reinforced by the counter-sanctions Russia imposed on the EU countries as a consequence of the Ukrainian crisis.
Russia's seaports have also benefited from the fact that import tariffs and other fees are payable in the Rouble, with its devaluation making the Euro payments expected by the Baltic ports less competitive. For the coming year, it is expected that coal, petrochemicals and iron ore exports will continue to be consolidated into the Russian Baltic seaports.

It's a crazy, upside down world right now, and the hegemon can't catch a break.

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