Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Amazon Brick and Mortar in Seattle

So the Amazon brick and Mortar store in Seattle sells... books.  Hmmm...  It replaced a Blue C sushi shop, a conveyor belt Sushi joint.

I cannot think of a single small bookstore I frequented ten years ago that has gone out of business because of Amazon.  But I think it was just two years ago, the huge Barnes and Noble that dominated this elite shopping center shut down.  The list of huge businesses Amazon crushed is long: Crown, Brentanos, B. Dalton, Borders and so on.

The Amazon store is rather uninspired as to layout, almost warehouse-ish.  Maybe the point is not so much selling books, is Amazon delivers a lot in that neighborhood, and in distribution it is that last mile that costs so much.  The Amazon lockers have not been a hit, so maybe this is testing how to get folks to come that last mile to Amazon.

Image result for amazon brick and mortar u village

Word is they plan to open 300-400 of these.  Amazon, always interesting.

By the way, I cannot think of a single small bookstore that stocks my books, yet I get payments from amazon for my books from all over the world.  The Amazon genius of the Long Tail (of the bell curve) plus my books being free on Google search is a formidable marketing combination. And if costs me exactly nothing.  (Happy to send you a .pdf on all this, email me.)

If you can see the internet for what it is, it can be quite valuable.  Otherwise it is a money-pit.

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