Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Happened to Mag Lev?

I love Google.  If Google was a wife, it would be perfect.  It lies to you by telling you exactly what you want to hear, it anticipates your every desire because it actually listens to you, and if you are busy doing something else, Google will never bother you.  And in my case, Google is working 24/7 selling my books for me.  Maybe someday there will be Google Sex, but for right now Google is working on something men care more about than sex, and that is driving around.

Now, as I have pointed out here before, the hegemon only adopts bad ideas, because good ideas make the hegemon less powerful.  Think democracy, protestantism, capitalism, Rawls, Chicago school, the FED, common core... goodness, one could be all day at this. And anyway, most people would rather be oppressed than free, so the hegemon adopts bad ideas to give people what they want, oppression, good and hard.

Libertarian bristle at Romans 13, which says you must obey the hegemon.  Libertarians try to impeach Paul by noting the hegemon executed both Paul and Jesus, and countless other people of good will.  But God, with whom libertarians often disagree, would disagree.  As to who killed Paul, if the witness of God is to be relied upon, God killed Paul.  Finally in Chronicles the mystery of who killed Saul, the ganymede, the archers, the Amelikite, or even suicide, God stops the speculation by stating "I did it."

This is scandalous, offensive to the mind of a freedom-lover.  But the fact is, whether you believe it or not, God decides who lives or dies, within the greater framework of eternity.

So the hegemon knows most people want to be oppressed, and the hegemon is doing what God allows in oppressing people.    The first job is to advance the worst ideas.  The people love that.  Heil Hitler!

Admiral Poindexter promoted something called Total Information Awareness, which was presented as an appalling idea and was widely rejected.  Shortly thereafter the CIA set up shop in Silicon Valley and then came its first offering the young, hip Google, whose meme was "don't be evil" an example of ever there was one of our rules revealing our weaknesses.

Google founders were out of the same crop of Johns Hopkins summer camp that produced Lady Gaga, Zuckerberg and Brin and many other packaged goods for mass consumption, and O! how the mass has consumed these packaged goods.  People who are utterly insignificant, except for front man value.

This all comes to mind as I see the idea of mag lev transport fading away in lieu of self-driving cars.  Self-driving cars may be the ultimate in bad alternatives to mag lev, we'll see.  But mag lev is going down the memory whole, as the minions clamor for more oppression.
Washington (AFP) - Google, Lyft and auto industry executives urged lawmakers Tuesday to help create a regulatory fast lane to help the deployment of self-driving cars.
In testimony at a Senate hearing, representatives of General Motors and auto-equipment maker Delphi touted numerous safety and environmental benefits of autonomous vehicles.
Chris Urmson, who heads the Google self-driving car project, said a consistent regulatory framework is important to deploying those technologies, and that conflicting rules in US states could limit innovation.
Mag lev vs self-driving cars.  Could there be a worse alternative as an example of hegemonic malice?

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