Thursday, March 17, 2016

UBER alles Freedom

As a kid I hitchhiked all over the place.  Everyone did.  To get from one part of town to another, especially problem transits like from Queen Anne Hill to Capitol Hill in Seattle, hitchhiking did the trick.  I did it from probably ten years old until maybe the last time I hitchhiked was 20 years old (then I had cars.)  While most trips were just a couple of miles, I did some several hundred mile trips when circumstances required, again as young as ten years old.  This was in the late sixties, early seventies.

It was illegal, for no particular reason.  One time I was hitch-hiking and I saw probably 24 motorcycle cops a long way off.  They were training or something and heading back to wherever. I ceased until the passed, but the very last motorcycle cop peeled off and gave me a ticket for hitchhiking.  They'd seen me.

Now we are socially conditioned to fear fellow citizens, so hitchhiking is over.  Now you are only allowed to think of the "danger stranger" you are not allowed to think of helping and getting help, without state mediation.

Some people are trying to replicated older times, with some concessions to delusional social conditioning to fear others, but alas...
He's decided to use Ethereum (Jim Epstein hipped you to that fascinating use of blockchain tech last year) to create a genuinely peer-to-peer means for drivers and passengers to find each other without a top-down company making rules and skimming huge percentages, which he's calling "Arcade City."
such great ideas are subject ot cops posing as participants and arresting free people like they do johns and the prostitutes.

We once had mediating institutions which now have been replaced by the hegemons' minions.  Life is no more risky or dangerous, we just think so, since we are told to think so, and our bodies follow our minds, and we feel so, in time.

The internet would be an excellent means to match up peer to peer drivers heading your way, willing to make a few bucks you are willing to pay.

But no, UBER is a bad idea, and therefore the state prefers UBER.  And will eliminate any competition.

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Anonymous said...

If it can be taxed then it can be legalized. As an example, 60 years ago few people would believe that marijuana would be legal in many states today (i.e. Medical Marijuana). Legislators across the country have sold out our freedom for a few bucks. In the long run the burden to society will far outweigh the net revenue from the legalized sale of weed. This my friends is a sort of freedom that we have quietly relinquished not only for people today but for our posterity.

Anonymous said...

"Now we are socially conditioned to fear fellow citizens, so hitchhiking is over. Now you are only allowed to think of the "danger stranger" you are not allowed to think of helping and getting help, without state mediation."

I was leaving my local Walgreens pharmacy the other day when this older (in his 50's) worried black man came up to me as I was walking in the parking lot asking me for directions for the public bus and getting to some half-way house or something - he was just released from prison, on some kind of work release/rehabilitation program, and he got on the wrong bus and was trying to find his way. He showed me his papers and stuff and explained his situation and he looked really worried - he had to get to his assigned destination by a specific time.

I told him that I couldn't help him with advice on the public bus or metro rail car, other than telling him to talk to a bus driver or bus/metro user, because I don't use those services and I'm not knowledgable about them. I told him that I will choose to believe him and I did tell him that I could help him by just giving him $20 (I was busy running errands in the middle of the afternoon) - his face lit up and he actually hugged me. Maybe I'm gullible, but I really think he was telling the truth. I'm glad that I was able to help him, even though it wasn't much. I hope things worked out and will work out for him in the future - he seemed like a nice man despite his situation. I did feel good after doing that. I actually felt later that I was probably the only person ever to show him mercy, genuine concern, helpfulness and kindness in his life until that time.

John, you discuss a lot of important things on your blog besides business topics that need to be talked about.


John Wiley Spiers said...

As to legalized weed, I am not sure I understand the point. Shouldn't it just be decriminalized (not legalized) and the hegemon have no opinion on the topic?

AS to the lost ex-con, who knows, but getting lost is not a parole violation, but failing to check in sure is. If he was legit, he would have asked to borrow your cell phone, not directions. His PO might have told him to stay put until a cop can pick him up and deliver him, or give him time to find his way back.

With cons, the longer the story, the more likely the scam. But who knows...