Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gold Bugs Correct: Market Fixed

J. K. Galbraith: ‘The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is the one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it.’ Money, p. 5
The author behind Liar's Poker, the expose of 1980s Wall Street corruption was shocked when his mailbox was flooded with the best and brightest graduates from Ivy League Colleges begging him to learn how they could get jobs doing what he exposed.

He figured they just did not get it.  As he wrote more books, he discounted any idea that the entire economic system of USA was completely corrupt.  By the time he wrote The Big Short, he himself was was convinced the whole system is corrupt. It is all fixed.  And those who claimed the gold and silver markets have been fixed?
Deutsche Bank has admitted it rigged both the Gold market and the Silver market. ZeroHedge has the details in his report Deutsche Bank Agrees To Expose Other Manipulators.
Many asked me to comment. I am shocked?
No. In the wake of admissions of rigged LIBOR and rigged Euribor (bank to bank interest rates in dollars and euros respectively), one would really have to wonder “What isn’t rigged?”
Now you know why they actually call it the daily "price fix." But gold and silver don't matter right?  Then why risk prison manipulating the market.  And why murder heads of state over it?  Although right-wingers focus on the killing of the USA ambassador who was gun-running at the time of his death in Libya, a whole lotta other people were killed too, and a country sent into chaos due to western government intervention.
The email provides a peek behind the curtain to reveal how foreign policy is often carried out in practice. While reported in the media that the Western backed Libyan military intervention is necessary to save human lives, the real driving factor behind the intervention was shown to be the fact that Gaddafi planned to create a high degree of economic independence with a new pan-African currency, which would lessen French influence and power in the region.
The Swiss have a members-only currency which remains in the background, not the Swiss Franc. The Russians maintain a gold backed currency alongside the rouble.   Malaysia keeps getting hammered economically. uniquely, and they have been trying to introduce an pan-Islamic gold backed currency.

At least I already knew it was all fraudulent when the correct bet I made shorting the financials in 2007 would pay off big time... and when Christopher Cox, the SEC poodle outlawed shorting the financials  just as I would have cleaned up in 2008, I could not complain.  Of course they cheated.  The whole system was (and is) fraudulent.  Sure, it wiped out a lot of "things" but it did not wipe out me.  I did not see that coming, but ho hum, if they did not rob me this way then they would have eventually another way.

If you are productive then the whole system is geared to exposing you to their social engineering.  Your only possible freedom lies in self-employment.  You better learn the difference between money and credit, malcredit and benecredit; tallies and bank accounts. 

If you depend on paycheck, property or pension, you are toast.  Get out of any and all debt.  Rent.  That's my view.

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Anonymous said...

I work at a Fortune 500 company and I see the frustration that new retirees are having today when they file to claim their retirement benefits and pensions. It seems to me that in a gesture of gratitude the company should at least make it as easy as smooth as possible for these people that gave the best years of their life to a corporation. Instead, the company outsourced the administration of the pension funds to company after company over the decades and it's easier now to get money out of Fort Knox than from one's own hard earned retirement fund. To me the "straw that broke the camel's back" so to speak was when a coworker only got a 10 speed bike as a reward after laboring for more than 35 years at his position...a $200 bike and a pat on the back! Beware, pension funds and retirement trusts are now administered by the long reaching tentacles of the hegemonic powers that be. As you say, "Your only possible freedom lies in self employment." It's so true.
Cheers mate.