Monday, April 18, 2016

Starving Children in USA

"Eat your organic kale, don't you know there are children starving in Tacoma?"
More than a third of USA children in USA are obese or overweight  (which is on the way to obesity.)  So how can anyone talk of starvation when the trend is the poorer the kid, the fatter?

What is starvation except a lack of nutrients in diet to maintain health?  Starvation is pernicious, but so is obesity.  You get killed either way.  Both ways your body is not getting the nutrition it needs.

A narc once told me crack had to be designed for the effect it had, designed by very skilled chemists, and its introduction was necessarily coordinated at the deep state level.  Forensics could tell us who what where and when. It was his theory, but he could not prove it, cuz no one is talking.

On the other hand, it's no secret, and widely documented, fast food is designed to be cheap but leave you hungry for more.   Who designed it, why and when and for what purpose is widely distributed information.  Plenty of people, upon realizing what was going on, quit, retired, blew whistles or whatever.  But if the victims do not complain, who cares?

Yum! (ungh! KFC, etc), got the hegemon to OK EBT cards to be used at gas stations so poor people could get sick when they fill up.  All sorts of nefarious outfits accept EBT.  And one can always simply convert the EBT to cash to buy whatever, contrary to the rules.

School breakfast programs consist largely of breakfast cookies dipped in sugar syrup and whey-less milk products, promising to give the kids a buzz for the first hour or so.  This can contribute to make them at ritalin-risk to calm them down.

Those fat kids are processing massive amounts of subsidized corn and corn by-products, sodium, potato, soy and so one, and taxpayer funded, with not enough nutrition to maintain health.  A body processing that munch gunk starts putting it somewhere, perhaps in some primordial effort at mutation toward processing this alien matter. Kid gets huge.

The too few in the know who care will never overcome the masses who are not about to create change when the victims don't care.

Capitalism lacks the aspect of moral economy.  As long as we allow the hegemon to lend credit at interest, there is no rational limit to the social engineering we endure.  Deregulate banking, end the misery.

So the starvation continues.  Outlawing supersizing won't do it.  Simply end he corporate welfare that provides for this outrage.  And cut our taxes concomitantly.

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christina said...

great post! I wish everyone would read this & get it! Thanks.