Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kiva Zip: Mark Sent Me $1.39!

Received a loan update notice from Kiva Zip:

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Mark sent you a $1.39 repayment!

I have no pension, paycheck, nor property.  Got rid of it all.  With my children all growed up and established, I am now free to do what I want.  So I am doing what I always did, because I love my work.

No pension?  Never wanted one.  My retirement plan is to grab my chest mid-sentence and drop dead in some trade show booth or in a classroom lecturing.  "Tag 'im and drag 'im."    Paycheck?  I am employment proof, and by the grace of God I find plenty of work to do every day, and sometimes it pays!  Property?  I am an American Indian when it comes to real estate, no one should own property.  Lease for 99 years?  Sure, that is a good foundation for all real property rights laws.

What to do with excess cash?  Loan it out.  A loan is always a charitable event, unless the intent is to advantage oneself and harm others by lending it out at interest.  I am not a financial advisor, but if you want to keep assets safe in the coming years, lend them out.  Especially to non-interest lending orgs that make microloans, like Kiva Zip that mediates between small farmers and people with money to lend.  Mark just made a payment above, to me and no doubt 199 others who all kicked in about $50 each to front Mark the money to expand his sales presence.  I am encouraged by Kiva Zip to roll it over into a new loan.

Now, as a matter of economics, since we are in deflation, I am getting back more buying power with the credit I extended then I lent.  Nothing I can do about this, except when I re-lend tis excess, it will go farther.  Too bad for Mark, and the rest of us who owe anything.

Kiva has an interest-loan division, so be careful.  Here is the no-interest section:

I am not a financial advisor.  neither is Kiva zip.  But if i wanted to keep a million cash away from the hegemon's grasping hands, and it does not matter who wins, it must be taken from you, I would not hide it in cash in a safe-deposit box or bury it in the back yard, I would not put it in Canadian gold stocks with physical certificates in hand, I would not buy gold and put it in a floor safe in the basement. I'd lend it all out in $50, $100, $500 increments to small enterprises all over the world.  It would be so atomized he hegemon would never get around to stealing it.  And I could practice layering, that is have micro-repayments layered in such a way that they come back to match any foreseen expenses or opportunities, and in any event, I'd have an asset (accounts receivable) against which my credit would be good since I have a reliable income stream.  If unneeded, just roll over the payment from Mark and off it goes, back to an atomized free field.

With a pension, there are so many rules regarding how much you must take out and when, and what age and how much you can work or this penalty happens.  Why live for the hegemon?  So you can defer taxes? Ha!  There are dozens of ways to tax, and since when does the hegemon keep the rules?

Once you reject usury,and live "interest-free (both ways)" the alternative ideas come pouring in.

Feel free to forward this by email to three of your friends.