Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rethinking $15 an Hour

Walmart and the Fast Food joints pay low and the taxpayers make up the difference:
The researchers note that the largest classification of temporary manufacturing production workers—assemblers and fabricators—earn a median wage of $10.88 an hour, compared to $15.03 for those hired directly by the manufacturers.
Half of all manufacturing production workers hired through temporary staffing agencies are enrolled in at least one public assistance program – a rate just below the 52 percent of fast-food workers who rely on public assistance.
In effect people making $15 pay taxes to those making less. so the boss can pay them less.  One nice effect of $15/hour minimum wage is workers lose many of those benefits, so they might make more working, but they lose welfare payments because they now make too much.  All in all, if true sounds good.  A one-off burger joint has higher expenses than McD, but at $15 and hour, at least wages will be the same.  (But McD will go robot and a local place needs people power.)

I stopped eating at burger joints a long time ago, even small specialty ones, since the meat is dry, no fat, not like the good old days.  Fat is healthy and flavor.  Hope to see dribbly greasy burgers make a comeback, with health meat.

Anyway, the solution is not $15/hr min wage, which is solely designed to give lower level government workers a huge wage increase (after which their betters in govt will get a bump up too), the solution is to get rid of minimum wage laws,  corporate welfare and personal welfare thereafter, so market prices drive market decisions.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John,
I tried getting meat at the local big chain grocery store that had a higher fat content to no avail. The butcher told me that cattle are bred these days with the low fat content meat, so no special cuts with what they already have. The only way to get higher fat content beef is to try and find a specialty or local independent farmer that offers grass-fed beef.