Thursday, May 5, 2016

Without Panama, USA Needs a Hong Kong

Panama was the closest thing to Hong Kong that USA had in way of of a free market zone. With that came off-shore money laundering and asset seclusion.  Who burned all those investors in Panamanian registry and why is a mystery, but that key aspect is over.

So USA all the more needs such a free market zone.  The best working example is Hong Kong, and it is good to study Hong Kong as a working model.

As USA discusses building walls, for precisely the same three reasons the Soviet block built walls, a New Hong Kong in USA would be, although independent, still somewhat impacted by the hegemon.  This story is instructive.

Another Hong Kong bookseller who was originally reported missing last year has resurfaced in Hong Kong after being released by mainland police.
65-year old Lee Bo is among four Hong Kong booksellers from the same company who are now back in the city after being released on bail.
Mainland police say Lee voluntarily went to the mainland in December to assist in the investigation into fellow bookseller Gui Minhai, who was facing charges in connection with illegally mailing books to the mainland.

Now Mr. Lee might have easily ignored China's chagrin a his activities, but often with relatives etc in China, that might mean losing visiting rights.  Of course, Mr. Lee might have also never shipped forbidden books into China.

USA needs what China has, a Hong Kong.  Tacoma, Washington is an ideal location, since autonomy and independence of the Puyallup Indians as a separate nation is agreed in the treaties, and the Puyallup own almost all of the Port of Tacoma.

Hong Kong took about 100 years to form completely, and so might a New Hong Kong in USA.  time to get to work.

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