Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Big Projects: Thanking Satan?

In the history of the Jews, disaster always struck when the Jews got into satan worshiping.  Not something to even play at.

Now here is an odd event, the celebration of the completion of the tunnel under the Alps connecting Italy and Europe shaving off an hour's drive time.  That link takes you to a Russian report, here is another look.

The "entertainment" is straight up satan-worship ritual.  It mocks the workers who built it, and celebrates the triumph of satan.

Now who knows if the event master was presenting this black mass to mock the assembled heads of state as satanic, a not uncommon insult that artists are fond of doing.  Michelangelo used the face of his patron, Pope Julius, as the model for satan in his Sistine Chapel.  Mike Meyers based Dr. Evil on the mannerisms of his boss, Lorne Michaels.  Or was he giving them what they wanted, a black mass. a straight-up satan worshiping event.

There are plenty of people who should know that claim these people are in fact notorious satan-worshippers.  I know some play at it, The Bohemian Club in San Francisco and Skull and Bones sure maintain such rituals.

I guess the test of whether it was an insult or serious is the reaction of the world leaders present to the event.  Were they insulted, or were they pleased?

The world leaders gave an enthusiastic standing ovation.

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Anonymous said...

Very bizarre, this New World Order stuff, but not surprising given the prophesied rise of Europe and the Roman empire. It is widely believed that a ten nation confederacy will arise out of this revived Roman Empire. The legs of iron with feet of clay having ten toes as written in Daniel 2:44 will give way to the beast who is possessed by satan himself. As seen in the tunnel inauguration video he is already at work.

Anonymous said...

This could also be just plain stupidity and clueless people having really poor taste in art.