Wednesday, June 8, 2016

List Of Crimes That Became Hegemon Policy

Crime is a bad idea, but sometimes such criminal ideas become government programs.

1. Ponzi Scheme.  After the Ponzi scheme first appeared, and Ponzi was jailed, the government offered social security, a Ponzi scheme.

2. Fractional Reserve Banking.  It had always been a crime to create more currency than you have gold and silver to back it, but once the bankers got Uncle Sam to back them in 1913, it became the law.  Beal Bank was prosecuted for not lending enough, holding on to too much cash.  beal won, but that shows you how corrupt the program is.

3. Lending credit.  This is a step beyond fractional reserve banking.  There is zero assets behind the loan.  The loan itself putatively creates the assets.  We lend you pretend assets, and pretend the house you will build is the assets.  If you fail to build the house, you owe us real money, not pretend money.

4.  Mad scientist human subject trials have always been criminal.  When the CDC out of Atlanta got caught in 1974 running cruel experiments on humans, the Tuskegee Experiments, no one went to jail.  Indeed, the lawed were simply rewritten to where now they are secret and at the presidents orders.  Good to know sea re now safe.

What other crimes have become policy in capitalist democracy?

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Anonymous said...

What about usury? Or is usury the same as lending credit?

Anonymous said...

What about the FDA and other government regulating agencies? Big companies can get laws and regulations passed using lobbying groups that smaller companies cannot afford to remove or stop competition.

Anonymous said...

The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public:

Naomi Wolf Exposes use of false propaganda by government: