Saturday, June 25, 2016

Did Queen Elizabeth Engineer Brexit?

The betting houses reportedly had odds on "remain" in the EU for one reason: they assumed the election would be rigged.  It probably was, but not enough for remain to win.

The EU makes possible all of the unsupervised mischief that intelligence agencies can get into, a brotherhood of worldwide mayhem-makers, and in the case of the UK, the MI5 would have the job of rigging the elections.  Before the vote, people were pretty sure rigging was taking place.

The Queen of England has been pointed in her questions about "what good is being in the EU?" a political question she is not really supposed to ask.

First note this:
She’s not even allowed to vote. But she’s broken protocol to express her opinions before, and she almost certainly has thoughts on the Thursday vote that’s left the British economy in freefall. Should the queen have stepped into the EU debate sooner?
Freefall?  You mean a few billionaires lost some money?  Note all of the "fear brexit" talkers have one point of view, what is best for the 1%.  This will not change.  All politicians worldwide will now blame all economic problems on Brexit.

The Queen broke protocol by making comments on Brexit:
However, she made headlines earlier this month when biographer Robert Lacey wrote in the Daily Beast that the monarch had been asking her friends to “Give me three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe.”
For economic recovery, a breakdown of the hegemonic mega-state is necessary, a breakdown of the empire.  Security services love empires, for the work is all fun and no responsibility.  The 1% exist because of the empire, and the security services are the fun-time "security guards" to the hegemon.

Note in the USA, the First Job of the Secret Service is to fight money counterfeiting.  Second job is personal security of the president.  Odd, no?

In the UK, it was MI5's job to stop Brexit.  So what happened?  Did the Queen command (she does not invite) the head of MI5 and his key associates over the Buck-house for tea and to talk about Corgis during the crucial vote tabulation times?  Prince Phillip and all the top military men sure wanted an independent Britain. Did she step in somehow and stop election rigging?

Incidently, the current head of the EU is JC Juncker, who lost his job in charge of money and intelligence due to an intelligence scandal in Luxembourg, and from there he went on the his current job as president of the EC.

The more poor the more Brexit.  The more rich, the more remain in the EU.  Well, the EU created way too many poor people in the UK.  If Brexit holds, the UK can begin the process of rebuilding the UK economy, which naturally means the one percent will see their nominal holdings dwindle.

Another interesting set-up:  The City of London is an autonomous region wherein resides the 1% economic pirates that pillage and burn worldwide.  The last mayor was Boris Johnson, as wily a politician as ever there was one.  Johnson was pro-Brexit and may replace David Cameron as Prime Minister. The new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is anti-Brexit and hopes to still keep London safe for the 1%'rs.

Just watch as every time there is "bad news" coming from Brexit, listen to the news.  It is bad news for the 1%.   Good news for humanity.

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