Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit Means Reviewing Rules and Regs of Last Forty Years

If Brexit holds, then one little noted aspect is the UK will need to review all of the reules and regs it brought upon itself by being in the Eurozone.
In Whitehall and Westminster, there will now begin the massive task of unstitching the UK from more than 40 years of EU law, deciding which directives and regulations to keep, amend or ditch.
Well, those forty years of rules and regs went hand in glove with the 40 years of economic engineering that ruined the economies.  I've said wistfully in passing we'd need to roll back all rules and regulations passed in USA since 1970 for our economy to recover.  In the UK this is now mandatory,  How did they get so lucky?

Those who lost are screaming bloody murder because their meal ticket is gone.  Those who won now have the problem of resurrecting an organic, true economy.  Do enough people know what needs to be done to do it?

In any event, the Hegemon now has to deal with powers reduced, and perhaps further exits, as its system fails.  THEIR economy, THEIR system is failing, not THE system.  Any system is just an agreed on assortment of patterns and practices, which the hegemon gets backed by the force of law.  Their system is over, the UK will be negotiating its own independence, the hegemony has that much less credit to call on.

Be part of the renaissance, start your own business.

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Anonymous said...

Brexit could encourage other countries to leave the EU. One less layer of bureaucracy, laws and regulations, etc., for those countries that leave the EU, which could improve their economies and trade.

Anonymous said...

"A few years ago, I was talking to a Spanish friend from Madrid who exports to the U.S. He complained then about the "euro". He said that the euro was killing Spanish exports or making them more expensive in the U.S.

He longed for the days when Spain had its own currency ("la peseta") and could manage its own economy."