Friday, June 24, 2016

I Tried To Shake 'Em

About 3 years ago or so, any blog that did not tow the party line found its hits drop by about 2/3rds, as reportedly google changed its algorithm which directed people to what sites they may prefer.  It was well noted at the time. Now it does not matter much to me how many hits I get, since this is where I rough draft what I may be using in a book someday.  Few readers, lotsa readers, who cares?

About six months ago I wrote blog post on a Hebrew scholar who could find no support for intellectual property rights in the Bible.  The title was "IPR is not for Jews."  The post to over 50 times the normal hits.  I assumed these were Jews interested in the topic.  A daughter of mine, who produces media at a high level and is familiar with all things internet, laughed and said "No, that spurt was neo-nazis, not Jews."


Indeed, in the coming weeks, the comments section got busy with all manner of sympathetic defenses of the nazis, and arguments as to where the nazis were quite good, or misunderstood.  Perplexing, since if I don't like democrats or republicans, how does anyone think I might begin to see the nazi point of view?

Anyway, at the same time my daily hit counter rose 10 times and stayed there.  Forensically it is nonsense, about 145 hits per hour, every hour for eight hour stretches per day.  From all over the world, but mostly USA.  That is programmed intervention.  Who and why?  Haven't a clue.

I don't like manipulation, so I decided I would try to shake them, just post nothing for a week, ignore my blog for a week.  Give them no new fresh meat to work with.  So today I returned to the blog, and guess what?  They have just been hitting the last posts I put up, a week ago.

I guess there is no shaking them, the few who do read my blog, well, I am back, and as to those who are pushing my numbers up, I hope you enjoy some new content.

Feel free to forward this by email to three of your friends.


Anonymous said...

Long-time reader here...we thought you were away on an extended Father's Day holiday (Happy belated Father's Day). It's good to see the international trade master back.

Anonymous said...

Can you make an audio book version of your world trade book?