Friday, June 10, 2016

Tax Receipts Falling

If tax receipts are falling and claims on government services are increasing, then there will be a fight over who gets what.
US federal personal tax receipts receipts are falling fast. So is the Evercore ISI State Tax Survey.
The last two times the survey plunged this much, the US was already in recession.
Get as far away from that fight as possible.  If you have claims on government, kiss it goodbye.  If you have property, paycheck or pension, put it into a small business.

It does not matter what the business is, it can be mobile bicycle servicing, just be part of the recovery but stay away from the fighting over scraps in the meantime...

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Anonymous said...

Retailer Williams-Sonoma Is “Amazon-Proof”

"Williams-Sonoma’s head start in online sales, which grew out of its decades-long experience as a catalog retailer, ..."

Exactly, the online website is just an extension of their paper catalog - no surprise here.

Also, WSM has 618 stores and:

"It calls the stores “billboards for our brands” that inspire customers to shop online. Internet sales also carry higher margins than in-store sales and are growing faster—8.2% versus 4.7% in the most recent quarter."

Are they selling the same product, but for two different prices depending where the customer buys: online or in-store? Or are they offering different products online and in-store both of the same brand, with the higher margin items offered online?