Monday, August 1, 2016

How Russians Win At Sanctions

The same way USA entrepreneurs did when we had free markets.

The very countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia at the same time undercut themselves and create opportunities for Russian entrepreneurs.
Retail prices for these auto brands at Russian dealerships on average are much lower than at dealerships abroad, says Yevgeny Yeskov, the editor in chief of AvtoBusinessReview magazine.
"The ruble fell against the dollar and the euro by almost half,” says Yeskov. “Therefore, prices for new imported cars should have gone up in the same way, but they have risen by only 30-40 percent on average."
Manufacturers and dealers have deliberately decided to keep prices in Russia low, in order to keep demand high, he adds.
Authentic business will always be, since it needs to "agreements" governing it and sanctions cannot foil it.

Although this particular gig sounds exciting, and may be worth doing absent any other opportunity, it is not long term.  The circumstances will change.  But in the meantime, anything that helps Russia against the criminal acts of war that NATO performs at USA bidding, such as unwarranted sanctions, destabilzations and playing border chicken, is to be applauded.

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