Monday, August 1, 2016

Policy Laundering

Policy Laundering is the practice of getting unconscionable polices accept by some back door means.  The 5000 pages of the TTP agreement are secret because it is 5000 pages of rules that would be rejected if democratically pursued.  So the policies therein are laundered through the TPP or NAFTA and then we are harmed by the policies.

Another means is by sanctions:
"There are about 6,000 companies which trade with Russia, and many of these enterprises are experiencing difficulty, as the sanctions intended. Most of the [proprietors of the] companies belong to the middle class. When such enterprises experience difficulties, there are always bigger players which like to buy them," Wolff said.
There is a policy of "get big or get out" in capitalism, no different than in communism.  Whereas the communists just executed anyone in small business, the capitalists prefer a slower death for their victims.  Just whimsically make up enemies upon which to wage economic war, and small businesses suffer while big biz reaps the benefits.

They say TPP is dead because both Hillary and Donald are against it.  So they say, but wait until after the election. We have a false economy which probably constitutes 80% of our economy.  It cannot serve the 94 million unemployed in USA.  Nor can either politician abandon what is in place, because there is nothing to replace the false economy. There are not enough people familiar with freedom to replace the false economy with an organic economy and support those 94 million unemployed.

The rare and few who do build organic businesses are part of the solution and will thrive, but they are woefully inadequate collectively to support 94 million unemployed (no one is asking them to do so or contemplating our contribution, the hegemon is only working out how to keep the false economy going.  TPP does that.)

The TPP is just an overblown version of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere." And where did that lead?

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