Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The G20 Meeting and Small Business

Boy does this Italian have it right:
The role of small and medium-sized enterprises is rarely underestimated in domestic economies. They generate half of gross domestic product in the G-20, account for three-quarters of formal employment and create 80% of net job growth. But their contribution to international trade is often unappreciated. Although they are major providers of goods and services to exporters, SMEs nevertheless face obvious challenges in taking on the risks of reaching new markets, investing to expand in remote markets and adhering to all the rules governing exports and imports.
On the one hand, capitalists talk a good game about small business, but at the same time the officially stated policy, and programs, and rules and regs mentioned above, are "Get Big or Get Out!"

Hard to reconcile the two.  In fact they don't.  I worry when small business is mentioned, because the "programs" that follow are always detrimental.  Better you never notice us.

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