Saturday, September 17, 2016

How Banks Break Campaign Laws, Two Ways

If we needed a reason to get rid of bank regulations in order to get rid of these odious modenr ban ks, here is two ways banks break campaign finance laws:

When old folks foolishly make small donations to the Clinton campaign, the campaign then continues to charge the account again and again, but not more than $100, for the banks are obliged to investigate false charges at $100 and over.  And fresh off the scandal of ripping off customers, Wells Fargo is deep into this racket, as well as USBank,no doubt other banks too.

1. Bank rules facilitate Clinton's fraudulent charges to small donor's accounts.  Ka-ching!

2. Surely most people do not notice, but those who do eventually can get the charges reversed.  Since it is below $100, the bank does not bother to claw back the funds, in effect the bank is making a donation to the Clinton campaign by not clawing back the funds.  The banks "loss" is in effect  a campaign donation Clinton. Ka-ching.

In 2008 banks did cause Clinton to refund $2.8 million in fake charges, and Obama $900,000.  (So far Trump has had zero complaints).  Perhaps this year no refunds because it is her last campaign.  Who cares at this point?

Even if she eventually pays it back, it is until then an interest free campaign loan from banks to Hillary. Campaign finance laws.  Ha!  What a joke.

I've pointed out here that the low hanging fruit will be ripped off.  The elderly and poor are very low hanging fruit, and on the way to the White House scorched earth seems to be rampant.

The banks like his because they earn overdraft fees on the fake charges.

At the same time the Feds are going after Deutsche Bank for $14 billion regarding sub prime loan scams.  O dear!  It was the Germans, and not the Americans?

The dinosaurs are starting to eat each other.

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Anonymous said...

I consider America to be a banana republic now. America is the Nigeria of North America. News of all of these shenanigans is depressing.