Friday, September 16, 2016

Jim Rogers Gives Us Two Years at Most

Jim Rogers made his billions working with George Soros.  He lives in Singapore and gets investing right, and calls the shake-ups.  He gives quick interviews, but they pack a wallop.  Rarely does he give a timeline, but recently he said:

RT: A lot of people are talking about a massive economic crash that is on the horizon. Is there any truth to that?JR: You should be very worried. There is going to be a serious economic crisis in the next year or two. We all are going to pay a horrible price for the artificial money coming out of America and other central banks. We’re all going to have a huge problem. Be worried, be worried.

Yikes, I have more to do before the storm his.  How about you?

Rogers and Soros understood the massive fraud of going off the gold standard lite, and in 1973 started a fund that gained 4200% when the market gained 47% in the same decade.  What the Hegemon did was crazy and damaging and wrong, but it was tradable.  That is there was money to be made.

So when Rogers speaks, he is talking to those who made heir money the way he did, trading a rotten system.  And when he says THE economy is going into crisis, he means THEIR economy, not THE economy, since there is more than one.  Think the Amish are going to sweat this crisis any more than any other?  Not in their economy.

Now the Amish are radical, but you take my point.  We too may arrange our affairs so we are not impacted by the hegemon's crises.

Start a family.

Be self-employed.

Don't use ex nihilo credit

Extend credit in business.

Eschew all interest payments, both ways.

Fix your diet, and exercise.

Have no pensions, paychecks or property (renting will get cheap at some point).

Enjoy!  Loaf of bread, jug of wine, sausage...  enjoying a sunset.

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