Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In China, Compete on Design to Avoid Death Penalty

Forget Sharia law, USA needs some Chinese law to improve our economic situation.  So a guy scams a few grand, steals a car, escapes from the cops, steals a cop car to visit his girlfriend in another city, gets busted and escapes again.  This guy is Bonnie AND Clyde. The Chinese authorities tire of this and give him the death penalty.  (Hey China, we've got some bankers we'd like you to meet.)
Li conducted experiments in the prison with the approval of police officers. They even invited experts to solve problems he confronted.
On the day before his execution, his experiments worked, which bought him one more year to continue them and postponed his death.
Read on to see how this turns out. Spoiler: compete on design, save your life.

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