Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Step Back: Deutsche Bank Derivatives

As controlled as the press is, when bad news comes out, assume it is well-timed.
The bank would like us to take it on faith, that the positive value of its derivatives book is €615 billion while the net positive value of its book is around around €18 billion.
So Mish does interesting analysis, and as usual his commenters are very good.  So questioning Deutsche Bank health, on top of USA seeking $14 billion in fines for causing the USA subprime loan bust (?!?!), what to make of this when so may others did as bad or worse.

Well, step back a little further.  The Germans asked for their gold back from its storage in USA.
When trying to move gold from New York in 2014, the Bundesbank met obstacles from US authorities when officials tried to inspect the German gold kept in US vaults.
Hmmm... if we say Germany owes us the money, and they do not pay...well, maybe we just impound the gold we have, or as the case may be, don't have.  It's what I would do.  If I didn't have it.

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