Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Indian Sovereignity

If we ever have a Hong Kong in USA, it is likely to be on a reservation.

Sovereignty  is the Supreme power, and the Constitution of the USA recognizes the tribes sovereignty, if not the hegemon. The very history of the rules written shows bad faith, might makes right. A tribe being sovereign:
Reports say each of 600 tribal members receives $120,000 to $160,000 annually as a share of the casino profits, which the government has always said is taxable. That position was cemented by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) of 1988. Among the spending priorities in IGRA are funding tribal government programs and the general welfare of the tribe — taking care of everyone. If those needs are met, a tribe can then distribute annual payments to tribal members. But the tribe must have a Revenue Allocation Plan, which is approved by the Secretary of the Interior. Guess which tribe refuses to do that?

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Who getting $120,000 or more a year needs welfare?  How is "approved by the secretary of interior' and soverignity reconciled.  How can Indians be taxed or told what to do.

The very fact reservations specialize in gambling is a scam.  What the states can't pass they get the Indians to do.  As sovereign, Indians would get farther better with the same level of "no regs on gambling" applied to banking, medicine, education, food, you name it.  If it is true that USA is hamstrung economically by lilliputian regs, and I do, then the reservations would thrive as economic zones, like Hong Kong.

As you can see, the Hegemon set it up so the Indians fight among themselves.   The hegemon took the loaf of bread and invites them to apply for a grant of crumbs.  If the Indians decided on sovereignty today,  it'd take 100 years at least, but the job needs ot get started  First thing is have some Indians educated in Hong Kong...

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Anonymous said...

How much sovereignty and freedom do Indian reservations have now? Do they have any autonomy with business laws now?

John Wiley Spiers said...

Just enough to sell cigarettes, gas and fireworks untaxed, run casinos and not have their restaurants inspected by country health departments. (In imagine insurance companies inspect...) So for a sovereign nation, not much sovereignty.