Monday, September 26, 2016

Online Food and Beverage Export Start-up Seminar

If you ever considered exporting food as a small business, there is a tool available that I am anxious about revealing.  (anx·ious  adj  experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.)

The problem is it is so powerful it leads people away from success, and attracts the wrong kind of players.  The tool is a grant up to $300,000 per year for five years to promote USA food products overseas.   i teach the details in my online seminars.

In essence it is USA public policy to promote USA food exports by having Uncle Sam (the USA taxpayers) refund half of the advertising dollars spent by importers overseas to promote USA food and beverages in their market.  That’s right, you can offer to mach dollar ofr dollar for your overseas customers advertising, or put another way, pay for half, up to $300,000 per year.

You know the USA food policy is “get big or get out” but by law the program cannot discriminate, so it is open to you, the small and start-up.

Now, $300,000 per year for five years is “free money”, $1.5 million towards advertising, per market eg, Japan is one market, Hong Kong another, China another...)  That’s a lot of money, so you can see this is designed for big business, but as I said, small business has access as well.  Theoretically, you could be doing 100 markets at once, for $150 million in refunds.  Mind boggling.

Let me be frank about the problem: at the small business level such talk of “free money” will attract a criminal element that will defraud the program, and then you may end up in jail.  As I said, I get anxious mentioning this tool.  

I introduce this one small topic in the context of my entire online course as "The Sirens."  Just as Odysseus had to plug his ears to escape the Siren call to perdition, so must we at the small biz level, until we are strong enough to make it work.

In essence, we do not offer this opportunity until a buyer has proven a market, and proven advertising will grow the market.

Many newbies to small business international trade are delusional, and easy marks for criminals.   I can show people how to grow successful businesses, and I can show them how to avoid being scammed, but I cannot stop anyone from ignoring my advice.

There is much more to the program, as I detail in my seminars.  It is not necessary to engage in the program to be successful in small business international trade of food and beverages, but it is there if desired in your circumstances.

It is one of many tools, tactics and attitude I teach in my highly rated online seminar.  I have another live online session coming up October 11, and space is limited, and you can sign up now to be billed later.

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