Friday, September 23, 2016

Rules Reveal Weaknesses

Prof. Joseph Salerno is an Austrian scholar who made a donation to his school's athletic program and received a brochure on what he could not longer do, according to the NCAA.  His point is o lay out how the NCAA is quite marxist in structure, which is entertaining, to see communism actually working.

But I was struck about the rules that now apply to him.  They say our rules reveal our weakness.  And what is forbidden below is precisely what happens in such fields a big Pharm when they want to influence say doctors:
To my surprise, the brochure informed me that I am a “representative of athletics interest” for the university. One comes by such a clumsy designation by making a donation to any of BC’s athletic programs, holding membership in any donor, booster, or alumni group, employing or helping to arrange employment of student-athletes, being either the parent of an enrolled student-athlete or a former varsity athlete, or helping to promote BC athletics in any way. As a “representative,” I am “prohibited” from providing “extra benefits” to any “enrolled student-athlete.” These benefits include cash, loans, and co-signing for loans in any amount. Also prohibited are gifts of any kind to student-athletes or their families including holiday gifts, clothing, and even birthday cards. I am also barred from providing special discounts for goods and services or rent-reduced or free housing to student-athletes or their relatives; nor am I permitted to pay a student-athlete an honorarium for a speaking engagement or allow him or her to use my cell phone to make a call without charging a fee.
Big Pharm does all these things with doctors.  It's how they bribe doctors without getting caught.  it's expensive, and so medicine has to carry all these costs to create a market that would otherwise not exist, that is to say, we'd have a different array of medicines if we did not have this corruption.

And that last one, i's illegal to let a kid use a cell phone without charging him...  In Islam, it is forbidden to stand in shade of a wall of someone to whom you lent money, for it might be taken as interest on a loan.

Our rules reveal our weaknesses.

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