Thursday, September 22, 2016

USA Policy: Food as a Weapon

This is the first I've ever heard of this fellow, but apparently he is a prolific writer.  And here again, example 729,015,991, of Marxists getting their facts straight.  
While leading US corporate executives look to China’s dynamic growth as a source of investments for US elites, Obama warns of Chinese ’security threats’. While former Treasury Secretary Paulson editorializes in favor of greater commercial linkages with Beijing as a vehicle for continued US business growth, Obama works to provoke military hostilities against China among second and third tier Asian countries.
And their analysis is excellent as well. Where Marxists fall down is their prescriptions.  Well, you can't have everything.

Capitalists ac as though Marxism is the source of all evil.  You gotta take the good with the bad, and sort the two out.  Half the world would not have adopted Marxism if it was all evil.  Marxism was so convincing because it was correct on its facts (generally).  But when it came time for a plan, the Monty Python Life of Brian scene in which the Marxists are formulating a plan is spot on.

This writer laments de-regulation.  Ungh!  Each horror he details is precisely grounded in regulations.  These malefactors put massive amounts of money into regulations, which benefit themselves.  It is called regulatory capture, a well-known phenomena (and how!)  The malefactors also pour massive amounts of money into social conditioning, in this case, a achieving a pavlovian response among Americans to wet their pants when someone mentions the word "de-regulation."  In this way, he malefactors will never have to fear for change.

Marxist prescription for change is government action.  No, really, that is what they call for.  I am not making this up.  This writer wants better regulatory oversight to control the demonic forces afoot on our planet.  This will work, they believe, because people become angelic when they ascend to the regulatory commanding heights.

Pynchon said get them to ask the wrong question and the answer will no matter.  "What is the correct regulation?"  At that point, it truly does not matter what regulation is established, the Hegemon wins with regulation.

None of the malefactors would exist in the first place with regulations.  The market will produce the necessary regulations, it always does.  International trade is grounded in Lex Mercatoria, a free market, anarchistic set of rules that work whenever allowed to blossom.  When suppressed, like today, we get chaos.

Look where there is chaos and poverty, and you'll see a regulatory rich environment.  Overcome your social conditioning, embrace free markets.  De-regulate everything.  Watch the malefactors wither on the vine.

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Anonymous said...

"But when it came time for a plan, the Monty Python Life of Brian scene in which the Marxists are formulating a plan is spot on."

Is there a youtube video link for this movie clip?

John Wiley Spiers said...

Here are various clips...

and just for a free market alternative