Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Wedge: A Free Trade Zone in Health Care

Talk about escape to anarchy!  Out of the chaos of government intervention, some doctors are opting out to avoid the deleterious "health care" we have in USA, and recover sound medical practice.

"Learn How Patients and Doctors Can Escape Obamacare."

Well, we have had escape with Medishare and Samaritan, neither of which are insurance but both of which exempt one from Romney/Obamacare.  To escape, one is obliged to pay money, but at least it is escape.  The Medishare and Samaritan are both practicing Christian orgs, but the model works, so it could be adopted by wicked pagans as well, not just wicked Christians.  Find a Wedge doctor and have Medishare participation.

There are so many good medical folks who want out of the hegemons system.  This is encouraging. The next thing that is needed is a website that takes voluntarily submitted health care info and tabulates it for statisticians to study and find out what is really going on in medicine, not just what the hegemon allows to be known.

This is so encouraging, to learn that the medical field is no longer strictly SJWs advancing genocidal eugenics for the hegemon.

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