Monday, January 9, 2017

"He griped."

After 25 years a small eatery shuts down in NYC, crushed by rules and regs.  As Reagan quipped, first tax it, if it keeps moving regulate it, if it quits moving, subsidize it.

So New York City's response to government charging too much to do too much is to create a new layer to pay for, a layer to help out with the crushing layers.
Wu cited one regulation where the restaurant was required to provide an on-site break room for workers despite its limited space. And he blamed the amount of paperwork now required — an increasingly difficult task for a non-chain businesses.
“In a one-restaurant operation like ours, you’re spending more time on paperwork than you are trying to run your business,” he griped.
Increases in the minimum wage, health insurance and insurance added to a list of 10 issues provided by Wu. “And I haven’t even gone into the Health Department rules and regulations,” he added.
He griped.  Reducing the experience of death by a thousand cuts to a gripe.  These people who destroy small business for a living are collectivists, doing for Chinese restaurants in NYC what the Cheka did for small farmers in the Ukraine.  Destroy them!

And now that they have laid waste all before them, they are worried about what is next.
"People don't know what to believe, and they're in a state of uneasiness," said Witold Skwierczynski, a Catonsville man and the head of the American Federation of Government Employees council that oversees Social Security Administration field offices. "That's the feeling I hear. People are unsettled."
Yes, they may be sent to the front lines, as a robot maintenance worker at some new "great again" USA auto plant.  Ouch!  You should have thought about that before you began to destroy small businesses.

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