Monday, January 9, 2017

Unemployed PhDs

For over 30 years I have taught on the side, in live classroom settings and online.

This avocation has added feathers to my hat, developing a product, setting up a market distribution channel, written a book, aside from the fact I work when I want, where I want, for what I want, and teach what I want.  This is a second career (a double major?), when most people are lucky to have a single career.

I have no tenure so I never had to falsify science or suppress truths I know to get a position.  I bring money to the school, the school does not have to pay me out of taxpayers subsidies.  It's not that I cannot be fired, it is just they don't want to cut off what money I bring them (out of which they pay me some.)

The point if this is when people say "I have a PhD and can't find work in education..." well, I say, you aren't trying.  Like everywhere else in the world, there may be no jobs, but there is plenty of work.  Just because the ex-nihilo credit regime distorts markets to the point no one needs you IN THAT REGIME does not mean no one needs you.  Look outside that regime.  Get creative.

Here is a book I wrote on this...  Kindle version... paperback version...

It does not matter what happens on Wall Street or in Washington, what matters is what we do.  It ain't what we think that makes us happy or unhappy, it's what we do...

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