Saturday, January 14, 2017

India Currency Woes: Policy Laundering

Policy laundering is running a program through another country first, and then presenting it where otherwise it would have an ice cubes chance in hell of being adopted.  "Even India has gotten rid of cash, we should too." Here is an eye-opener regarding the hell India is going through with this experiment in cashless society.  Guess who is behind it?

Austrian economists are academics, so they debate along hypothetical lines, and work within the narratives to which they all ascribe.  Problems such as this arise, as noted in the article:
 No one and no state can secede, and no one can structure business deals apart from government without their having a ready currency at hand. Barter is out of the question. If a state attempted to secede, the federal government could squeeze them monetarily through sanctions and cutting them off from the payments system. There must be alternatives in place or that can be quickly expanded for any such independence movement to succeed.
In spite of being the best, by far, school of economics, their "apodictic" assumption of interest rates on loans forbids the obvious answer: credit is the universal currency, and it may be privately issued.  It is necessary and sufficient to a free market.  Add 100% reserve gold backed actual currency, something else government cannot or will not do, and who needs the hegemon?

There is nothing to keep anyone or any polity from seceding immediately at any time.  As they say, just do it.

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