Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trump Victory: Cleaning the Stables

As I have said, the real problem is when Trump delivers no improvements.  A productive core in the USA got Obama elected, hoping for change from the warmongering Bailout Bushes.  They got burned by Obama. That same core that got Obama elected just elected Trump.  There will be trouble when yet again there is no change.

The hegemon does seem to be interested in reining in the intel world, an out-of-hand independent nation causes havoc to the Hegemon.  Just as the donors to the Cinton foundation, such as the people in the Norway government who donated a half billion to them for personal advantage, a whole lotta payback goin' on.

Here is an interesting example:
Mr Steele, who friends say fears for his safety, has gone into hiding while the veracity of the claims made in his dossier, and his own reputation, continue to be fiercely debated.
Forget the specifics of his story.  Although as a secret agent, he was unlikely to be much of a secret to the "enemy, " now that he has been officially outed, his network of contacts and beneficiaries worldwide are now in trouble.

Think about the lesson here, share info with the FBI or USA intel, and your life is in danger.

After 9-11 800 new "intelligence" agencies were created, along with the "full employment act" TSA. USA can afford neither, both in money and counterproductive results.  Before the necessary crackdown on USA, in USA, any possible rogue agencies must be eliminated.

We will all cheer this process of elimination, the collectivization of intel in USA.  Like he Ukrainians who cheered both the Soviet overthrow of the Tsar and the nazi overthrow of the Soviets.

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